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How To Get Pregnant In 30 Days

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Getting Pregnant after the Pill

Once you decide to start a family, or add to your existing family, the
best way to get pregnant is to immediately stop taking your daily pill. Some women report conception within the first cycle after stopping the pill, but many doctors will tell you to wait 3 months before trying. Remember, you are only 1/2 of the equation. Your partner needs to be healthy and able to impregnate you. If you are both healthy, with no complications, chances of getting pregnant will be in your favor.

Getting Pregnant after a Miscarriage

A miscarriage is a difficult time for any couple to endure, especially if your news of pregnancy was a welcome event. Little consolation to the expecting family, but medical opinion is that miscarriage is nature's way of passing on a situation that may not have been completely healthy for you and/or your child. The good news is that your body resets itself and you are able to become pregnant during your next cycle's ovulation period.

The decision you need to consider is whether you and your partner are physically and mentally prepared to become pregnant again. Because miscarriage is a traumatic event, your doctor may suggest you give your body and psyche time to rest before trying again.

If you have been
trying to get pregnant for some time, you may consider infertility treatments as an option. Despite IVF costs, many couples find this to be a viable alternative to starting a family. In addition, many couples undergo specific fertility treatments to assist in how to get pregnant with a boy .. or with a girl.

Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are a number of symptoms you may experience that may indicate you are pregnant. However, it is important to note that you MAY feel them. Lack of any symptoms does not mean you are not pregnant, AND the presence of these symptoms does not mean that you are! Some of the symptoms you may experience could be:

-Nausea during pregnancy / Morning Sickness / Vomiting

-Breast Pain / Breast Tenderness / Breast Swelling

-Weight Gain / Swollen Ankles / Feet / Increased foot size

-No Menstrual Period / Vaginal Discharge / Frequent Urination

-Nipple Discharge / Discoloration of Skin

-Body Aches / Low Back Pain / Lower Abdominal Pain / Leg Cramps

-Abnormal Sense of Taste / Sore Gums / Sensitive to smells -Forgetful / Inability to Focus

The only true assurance for pregnancy is to be tested. This can be done officially in the doctor's office, or many over-the-counter (OTC) tests are extremely reliable.

When Can You Get Pregnant

If you are trying to get pregnant, it is important that you understand the cycle that dictates the abilities of your body. The normal female cycle is 28 days, and is governed by your hormones. Age, environment and lifestyle will also have effects on your cycle. Tracking your cycle begins with the first day of menses, normally lasting approximately 5 days. Around day 6, as your egg matures and readies to travel the fallopian tube, your uterus begins to thicken in anticipation of conception. Around days 11-15, your mature egg makes it way to the uterus through your fallopian tube. This is the time when you can get pregnant.

Your egg is now susceptible for fertilization. Once fertilized, it embeds itself in the uterine wall, growing for the next 9 months until birth. If conception fails to take place, the uterine wall begins to break down and slough off ... beginning the cycle again.

Getting Pregnant While on the Pill

The percentage rate of effectiveness of the pill is better than 99% in avoiding pregnancy. However, pregnancy can occur within the first week of beginning the pill while your hormone levels have not yet stabilized. Although it is possible to become impregnated while on the pill, the odds are that you will not.

Of course, if you fail to take your medication daily, and continue regular sexual relations, you are playing Russian roulette. Another consideration .... if you are prescribed any additional medication, alert your doctor you are on birth control. It is possible for certain meds to inactivate the effectiveness of the pill.

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