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My name is Neville Pettersson and I am the webmaster and chief editor of this website. I’m happily married with 2 kids

with my lovely wife. You can read more about me here and also connect or follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest.

If you are having trouble trying to get pregnant, and if you smoke or drink alcohol, then you need to tidy up your lifestyle. There is a high probability that your body is in a low state of PH - or in other words, your body is acidic. Male sperm does not survive long in an acidic female body. Therefore if you are trying to get pregnant, and if your body is acidic, the sperm may well be dying before reaching the egg.

You would not drink alcohol if you were pregnant would you? Well do not drink alcohol when you are trying to get pregnant also. The same must go for your partner. Alcohol seriously affects sperm quality. If you are trying to get pregnant, then YOU need a healthy body and your partner needs healthy fast sperm. So stop drinking.

The same goes for smoking. Just do not do it! If you have been trying to get pregnant and have used ovulation test kits in the past and you don’t smoke or drink and still have not fallen pregnant, do not panic.

There are numerous books in bookstores and in libraries full of information on how to get pregnant, so get reading! Try everything. For more comprehensive information when trying to get pregnant, I would recommend purchasing an ebook. They tend to be more informative and scientific, and I even know of some very good ones which offer a money back guarantee if you do not fall pregnant fast.

I wish you luck and as I say, try EVERYTHING before you come to me!

When trying to get pregnant, make expensive IVF your very last resort. Keep trying!

Trying To Get Pregnant

If you are trying to get pregnant, and you are researching for information, then you are making a great start by hitting the internet. The more information you have when trying to get pregnant the better! As an IVF consultant, I speak to people everyday who are trying to get pregnant, and it is surprising how many people come to me without having tried all avenues first. Trying to get pregnant using IVF should be the last attempt, having tried everything else. It is an expensive business, costing upwards from $12000, so when trying to get pregnant, make sure you cover every other way before coming to see me!

When trying to get pregnant, some people treat ovulation time as a guessing game. In most people with a 28 days menstrual cycle ovulation will occur at sometime between days 12 to 15 of the cycle. So already there is a very open window of four days. Most consultants will advise you not to have intercourse everyday during this time, so if within these four days, you only have intercourse twice then, trying to get pregnant can be like a lottery! Then of course, not everyone trying to get pregnant has a 28 day cycle. This means your ovulation day will be different to a normal cycle making the general ovulation guess even more difficult.

But don’t panic! As I said, when trying to get pregnant, information is power. There is a very simple solution to finding your exact time of ovulation. You simply purchase an ovulation kit from your pharmacy or online. It is a simple process of urine on a stick and the tests are cheap!

Why everyone guesses about ovulation times - I never understand! Because you can pinpoint your exact time of ovulation, then ensure you have intercourse at that time. The other most common error I find when speaking to couples who are trying to get pregnant are lifestyle challenges.

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