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How Easy Is It To Get Pregnant After A Miscarriage

If you're trying to get pregnant and suffer a miscarriage, you may be worrying about
when you can get pregnant again, how easy it will be and whether you'll be able to carry successfully next time around.

Most doctors suggest waiting at least two or three regular cycles before trying to get pregnant again, and many suggest waiting longer in order to let yourself get over your loss. But recent studies have shown that couples who get pregnant again within six months of suffering a miscarriage have a better chance of having a successful pregnancy next time around. They're not entirely sure why this is the case, but it may have something to do with the age of the mother; the longer you wait after a miscarriage, the older the mother is and the lower the chances of getting pregnant. Keep this in mind, but be sure to wait until you've had at least two regular menstrual periods before trying to get pregnant again to make sure that your body has fully recovered.

How Easy Is It To Get Pregnant On Your Period

The easiest way to get pregnant is to know exactly when you are ovulating. Although many people assume that ovulation happens exactly halfway through a menstrual cycle, that is not necessarily the case. Some people even end up getting pregnant when they are finishing up their period, not realizing that sperm can live up to seven days in the fallopian tubes. Ovulation prediction kits are extremely accurate, and can help you get your timing down exactly right.

Getting pregnant is one of the most exciting times in your life, and you can have so much fun doing it! Though we all know the mechanics of how to have a baby, understanding the finer points of how ovulation works will definitely help you understand your chances of getting pregnant, the best time of the month for you to get pregnant, and when you should avoid trying to get pregnant.

How Easy Is It To Get Pregnant When Ovulating

If you want to get pregnant and know when you are ovulating, that is the best and easiest time to get pregnant. There are several
tips for getting pregnant that you can follow to help yourself. If you eat a healthy diet, exercise, take vitamins and take good care of yourself, you have a much greater chance of getting pregnant. Don't over-exercise; studies have shown that if your body fat content is too low it can work against your successfully conceiving. Don't smoke; tobacco actually has a harmful effect on cervical mucus, which is the conduit between the sperm and the egg, and you should stay away from alcohol as well, both before and during your pregnancy.

Avoid oral sex when you're trying to get pregnant because saliva has been shown to kill sperm. Finally, get a little help from gravity; the closer the sperm are to the cervix when they're deposited, the better, and the longer they stay in is better too.

Avoid positions with the woman on top when you're trying to get pregnant, and after ejaculation try to stay in a prone position for as long as possible, and prop your rear up on a pillow to help the sperm travel towards the egg. Some women report having been successful after holding their legs up in the air for an hour afterwards!

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