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How To Get Pregnant In 30 Days

This list includes the most recommended foods to eat to help you get pregnant faster. Eating the right foods is one of the easiest things you can start to do immediately to improve your chances of having a baby. Make sure you try to incorporate at least a few of the following foods into your diet today!

Top 10 Fertility Foods

#1. Zinc


Zinc is an essential building block for DNA and also helps with various other functions to do with your immune system and other bodily functions.

For more info about zinc see here.


#2. Grass Fed Butter


Includes the magical Factor X, which is a natural nutrient that helps your body absorb nutrients. Bring on the saturated animal fat!

For more info about grass fed butter click here.


#3. Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 which is only found in animal based food sources (sorry all you veges out there!), is an important part of cell metabolism and function which affects practically everything.

For more on Vitamin B12 see here.

Beef liver is a good source of Vitamin B12

#4. Muira Puama


This one is for the guys. Muira puama is a natural herb which is known to boost labido and fertility in men. It will definitely make your man more active, which is exactly what you need his sperm to be to boost your chances.

To find out more about it click here.

Muira Puama Herb

#5. Whole Milk


Calcium is great for bone and reproduction. Include also yogurt and cheese or leafy green veges and tofu if you're a vego.

For more info see here.

Whole milk is better than skim or low-fat milk.

#6. Oysters


Oysters are power-packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They also are a known aphrodisiac (which will help reduce the 'chore' effect in the bedroom.

Find out more here.

Oyster Shells

#7. Broccoli


A fertility super food, broccoli contains folic acid and Vitamin C and is also proven to help prevent Spina Bifida.

For more info see here.


#8. Plant Based Protein


Studies suggest that plant based protein is actually better for fertility than meat based protein. Include nuts, beans and tofu into your diet.

For more click here.

#9. Whole Grains


This one is fairly obvious to most people who know about dieting. Complex carbs are better because they are easier on blood sugar and don't mess with your insulin levels as much. Foods to choose are brown rice, brown breads and oats.

For more info read this.

Wholemeal bread

#10. Popcorn


Popcorn has a surprisingly high antioxidant count when compared with foods such as spinach, fruits and vegetables.

Just go easy on the butter and salt ladies.

To find out more click here.

There are of course many more fertility super foods than is listed here. This is just a sample of some of the more interesting and less well known foods.

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